John Shaeffer, Kimberly Gatling & Vi Duong

John ShaefferJohn Shaeffer | Partner | Fox Rothschild

John is a successful, smart, hard-driving litigator whose clients count on him when the clock is winding down and an incisive and innovative legal approach is the only way to win.

John’s ability to deliver successful verdicts stems from the following:

John has a diverse, multidisciplinary background and expansive intellectual arsenal. In addition to the law, John has twin interests—and academic degrees in—business and the fine arts, grounding him in both the “numbers side” and “creative side” of the thought process. This duality in both substance and approach enables John to not only bring divergent perspectives to his work, but also to connect those perspectives, an ability that makes a difference in and outside of the courtroom.

John uses arguments that push the boundaries beyond traditional interpretations of the law. The subject area of each matter John handles—whether intellectual property, product liability, antitrust, environmental, life sciences or antitrust litigation—is only one piece of the litigation puzzle. The more central piece is John’s ability to analyze data and create sophisticated, often groundbreaking legal reasoning that can be considered by the court.

John understands the art of persuasion—and how to use it at trial. Good litigators argue cases. John goes beyond arguing. He uses logic, coupled with perception and knowledge of human decision-making, to craft legal arguments that are palatable to the people making the final calls in the courtroom.

John is a “think on his feet” attorney who can construct a coherent story of a case in the middle of chaos and under eleventh-hour pressure. From the time a sequence of unanticipated events led to John playing a lead role in a major courtroom case as a first-year associate, he has used his innate ability to hone in on the heart of a case, to organize an argument without getting bogged down n in details and to improvise, all while thriving in seemingly overwhelming situations. Clients crave these skills when the chips are down, time is short and odds are against them.

John “gets” that every client wants to win without breaking the bank. With this in mind, he uses budgeting and alternative billing arrangements to effectively meet client needs and stay within their expense expectations. And John goes beyond accurate cost assessments, making sure his clients understand exactly what services they get for their investment.

Within the firm, John serves as the Los Angeles litigation administrative partner.

Kimberly GatlingKimberly Bullock Gatling | Partner and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Kim concentrates her practice in intellectual property prosecution, licensing and litigation. She is also a member of the firm’s Privacy & Data Security group, which assists clients with the management and protection of sensitive business and personal information. She is seen as a trusted advisor and valued team member to her clients, providing comprehensive, global advice from a legal and business perspective.

Kim is a North Carolina State Bar Board Certified Specialist in Trademarks. She prosecutes federal, state and international trademark applications and manages global trademark portfolios. She also prosecutes computer software, business method, mechanical, and design patent applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and routinely assists clients with protection of copyrights.

In addition, Kim structures complex license agreements for patents, trademarks and copyrights. She is regularly involved in intellectual property litigation and enforcement matters in state and federal courts and within the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Kim also drafts and negotiates agreements for IT transactions, including software development, license and hosting agreements. She advises clients on computer law and e-commerce matters.

As Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Kim works to develop and implement programs and policies that support the firm’s goals of increasing and promoting a diverse workforce and inclusive environment at all levels throughout the firm.

Vi DuongVi Duong | VP, Legal | Adswerve

Vi Duong is a startup attorney with a diverse background that ranges from negotiating complex transactions to advising executives on legal operations and strategies. In recent years, Vi has been focusing on privacy laws and how they affect advertising technologies.


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