Understanding the Modern Labor Movement: An exploration of new tactics and issues in post-pandemic union organizing and collective bargaining.

This panel provides an overview of the current state of union organizing and developing labor law in traditionally unionized industries and in the growing number of industries and workplaces that have never before faced unions. It will address employees’ current rights under federal law as well as the efforts to expand those rights. The panel will explore the underlying issues driving some of the organizing campaigns and will discuss the creative ways unions and employees are using old and new tools to win elections and pressure employers. The panel will discuss the typical lifecycle of an organizing campaign, including the various forms of litigation that can arise in that context, and will provide key takeaways for managing the situation if and when it arises in the workplace. The panel will also discuss the way organized labor is changing tactics during collective bargaining in unionized companies.

Posted January 10, 2023 in: by admin

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