Zen and the Art of Negotiation and Mediation in the COVID World

This program will discuss best practices in negotiations across the board, both from a legal and business perspective.  How do you get to yes?  How has COVID-19 altered negotiations?  What is the best way to resolve disputes through mediation.  What is the best way to prep?  How do you work with the board and create better team dynamics.  This rock star group of panelists will explore the challenges of online mediations, including reading body language, reading “the room,” interpreting subtext, and potential technology pitfalls and explore similar challenges and opportunities in negotiating generally whether in the board room with business lines or with opposing counsel.  Attendees will also learn some simple tips and tricks for mitigating limitations, maximizing negotiation skills, and successfully participating in mediations.

Posted October 05, 2020 in: by admin

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