High Risk Compliance Pitfalls in Federal Government Contracts: How to Spot, Avoid, and Mitigate

Contracting with the federal government comes with special issues organizations need to be aware of. Adam and Kelli will discuss four of the most vexing and high risk compliance issues facing government contractors, what to look for, how to avoid, and what are the potential penalties for non-compliance. The program will cover:

  • Service Contract Act
  • Supply Chain
  • Cyber Security
  • M&A (novations, disclosures, impact on active procurements/protests, and SBA approvals)

The discussion will also include steps federal contractors can, should, and must take once a non-compliance is reported or suspected to mitigate risk and reduce penalties. These steps include voluntary and mandatory disclosures, internal investigations, and responding to SDOs using present responsibility and administrative agreements.

Posted August 19, 2021 in: by admin

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